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The Xerxes

The Xerxes Watch
The Xerxes Watch

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Unveil Your Authenticity: Watches that Echo Your True Essence

You know who you are. You've sacrificed so much to be where you are. You've put in the late nights and worked the weekend shifts. You've been there to support your friends and family when they need you. You have your own unique style. You have a unique way of being you. You don't conform to the masses. You are YOU. And you have a story to tell.

This is Day & Night Watch Co. We're a watch brand for the everyday person. We're the brand that will help you tell that story. We're the brand for those who live life to the fullest. We're the brand for those who work hard day and night. And we're a brand for those who never forgotten where they came from.

We're for people who are authentic and want to stand out. We are for the person who is chasing their dreams. We are for the person who wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night with the same goal: to be a better version of themselves.


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"A highly successful watch brand at a affordable price."

"...Day & Night has established itself as a symbol of excellence and reliability in this niche."

"The recently launched collection boasts perfect craftsmanship combined with fineness and meticulousness..."

Rising Stars: Meet Adam Jackson

"Day & Night believe in pulling yourself by your bootstrap and putting in the work..."

"Day & Night watches are known for their craftsmanship."

"Day & Night Watch Co. gives a sentimental, everlasting,
and eternal value through their watches."

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